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READY™ your...

Foundational Lesson 1:
Posture & Positioning
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Are you READY™?

We've all seen it... but it happens in a flash!

One second you or your friend are enjoying the game, the next you're rolling head over heels or staring up at the sky from your backside wondering how you ended up on the ground.

Play more pickleball!

(...without risking your health)

Every minute and dollar invested in exercise may save you from having to spend it on injury or illness!

The benefit of this sport goes beyond physical activity to captivate the human psyche. Motivation, engagement, and competitiveness levels are sky high on the courts; so high, we often put our bodies at risk to make the big play or to continue the fun for hours on end.

Pickleball incorporates both fine and gross motor skills with split-second reactions and mind-body coordination. This can put us in risky situations where the chances of falls, strains, sprains, or other injury are often more probable than not. The primary objectives of any good exercise routine are to minimize stress and reduce risk of injury while maximizing performance levels.

Keep It Simple Safe!!


Your exercise program's goals should be:


  • fatigue and overuse related injuries 

  • risk of falls or other acute injuries


  • stability, strength, flexibility, and stamina

  • speed, reaction time, and coordination

These vital factors are separate from the on-court, sport-specific skill development. Athleticism at all ages is most effectively developed in the exercise setting to complement and enhance the longevity of regular game play.

Meet the creator...
Aaron Wyant MS.webp

Aaron Wyant, MS

Exercise & Health Motivation Specialist
(Recreational Athlete & Pickleball Enthusiast)

✔️ Bachelor's and Master's Degrees- Kinesiology & Exercise Science

✔️ Certified Brain Health Trainer

✔️ Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

✔️ Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

✔️ Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

✔️ Titleist Performance Institute - Level One

✔️ Certified Personal Trainer


The mastery of these simple exercise movement drills will:

  • Enhance physical health and fitness.

  • Improve cognitive functioning.

  • Improve reaction time, body control, and relative athleticism.

  • Reduce risk of injury and illness.

  • Increase the mind and body's ability to manage stress.

  • Improve competitive performance mentality and physicality.

  • Enhance abilities to live a highly active lifestyle free of pain.

Online resources are constantly in production and may be updated for improvements over time. Please check back periodically; we'll be uploading new videos and programs to lay out many of our best physical and mental performance training philosophies / methodologies.

Balance and Coordination training.

Neuromotor Exercise:
Balance & Coordination

Made for all fitness levels, this virtual exercise program will equip with the motor skills to enhance your reaction time, balance, and coordination as well as your overall physical strength, fitness, state of mind, and self-confidence. 

Standing Flexibility.webp

Personalized Coaching: Flexibility (Standing/Chair)

Static flexibility and range of motion training to help improve your overall capabilities, fitness, and quality of movement and life!

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 11_edited_edit

Personalized Coaching:
Pillar Core Strength

Core training is the underlying foundational aspect to movement improvement and body control. As the control center for all movement, the "core" provides a pillar of strength to build all exercise from securely. 

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